Workplace Services


Hearing safety in the workplace helps preserve employee hearing health over the long term. Consistently high levels of noise can significantly impact hearing and speech comprehension and possibly contribute to additional safety concerns. At Cairns Audiology Group, our Audiologists are GEPI trained and experienced in providing pre-employment and workplace screenings and services in line with current legislation.


  • On-site or In-clinic Employee Screening
  • Workplace Assessment
  • Workers Compensation Assessment
  • Pre-Employment and Licensing Assessments

Onsite or In-Clinic Employee Screening:

Cairns Audiology Group offers a range of options for completing employee hearing screening programs either at your workplace or at one of our clinical locations. Our mobile screening unit is completely self-contained – all you need to provide is a quiet car park and access to a power supply. Alternatively we can use a quiet office, or you can book your staff into one of our clinic locations.

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Workplace Assessment:

A comprehensive noise assessment of your workplace will determine the level of risk each of your employees is exposed to and how this risk can be adequately managed. At Cairns Audiology Group our Audiologists have an intricate knowledge of acoustics and combined with an in depth understanding of the anatomy and physiology of the ear and the process of noise induced hearing loss, appropriate recommendations can be made to ensure compliance with the Noise Protection Act, including recommendations for appropriate hearing protection and amendment of your occupational health and safety policies.

Our Audiologists can provide advice regarding hearing protection and hearing safety. We supply and fit custom ear plugs for a variety of applications.


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Workers Compensation Assessment:

Individual employee assessments can be conducted in the case of workers compensation claims by our fully GEPI trained Audiologists. Reports can include percentage hearing loss, Whole Person Impairment (WPI) calculation and recommendations and quotation for solutions such as hearing aids.


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Pre-Employment and Licensing Assessment:

In some circumstances, assessment is required at the time of employment as part of a medical assessment to provide a baseline hearing level and identify any pre-existing pathologies. This is the case with most mining bodies and also for entrance into the Defense Force or Police Service. Likewise, regular assessments are also required for certain classes of licensing such as CASA Aviation Licensing, Commercial Drivers Licensing, Marine Pilot or Railway Licensing or as part of a dive medical.


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