Implantable Services


Cairns Audiology Group is proud to provide a full range of implantable services to the Far North Queensland region including our 4 visiting sites. We work closely with experienced surgeons throughout QLD and our Audiologists are experienced both pre-candidacy assessments and post-operative MAPPING and rehabilitation services.

Our implantable services include;

  • Pre-candidacy assessments
  • Referral pathways to experienced implant surgeons
  • Initial switch on
  • Mapping services
  • Health Fund upgrade assessments

Funding for Implantable Services

Research suggests that only a very small percentage of those who may benefit from implant technology actually progress to surgery and switch on. A big factor in this is the perception that implant technology is unaffordable.

Cochlea and other implantable technology are listed as prostheses systems and as such are almost fully subsidized by private health hospital cover. The majority of surgical costs are also covered by even basic private health hospital cover with any gap fees determined by the Ear, Nose and Throat Specialists and anesthetist billing techniques.

Post-operative services including switch on and mapping services conducted by Cairns Audiology Group almost fully covered by Medicare with a small gap fee for each private consultation.

Cairns Audiology Group is also able to provide referral pathways for publically funded implantable services.