Audiological Information


Medicare & Private Health Fund Rebate Options


In certain circumstances Medicare may provide partial funding for hearing assessments. This is possible when a referral is made to Cairns Audiology Group by a Paediatrician, ENT specialist or a Neurologist or if you have a chronic medical condition and your GP provides you with a Chronic Disease Management Plan which specifically lists Audiology as a service. You will be required to pay in full at the time of your appointment and a receipt will be issued which you can take to Medicare to claim back your entitlement.

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Private Health Insurance:

Your private health insurer may provide rebates for hearing assessments and/or the fitting of hearing aids and other devices under your extras package. This will depend on your health insurance company as well as your level of cover. It is recommended that you contact your Health Insurance Company prior to your appointment to confirm what, if any, rebate you are entitled to.

Private Health Fund Benefits 2017

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Hearing Aid Bank

Those people who are not eligible for other funding and have significant financial hardship may be eligible for assistance through the Hearing Aid Bank at the PA Hospital. The Hearing Aid Bank is independently run and has its own criteria that must be met for assistance. If you are unable to afford a hearing aid then ask your audiologist for information about how an application can be made for the hearing aid bank.


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